Thank you for visiting my site. I would like to say a few words about my photography and how it's progressed through the years.

I actually started taking pictures with my own camera about 16 years old. I was blessed to be able to do a lot of traveling when I was young and had lots of chances to practice. Ever since I have always had a love of my surroundings and photography. And so it goes...

First I would like to tell you what I'm doing now which is so exciting to me. I have been taking an online course in Photo Artistry. This is where you take several photos, extract what you want and make a composition with textures, vectors, overlays etc to create your own piece of Art. I have a section here showing you what I have done.

Next, I would like to say a few words about my gallery "Photo Journal". The Bell Ringing was a special event to honor my mom who passed in 2003 and left her house to the St. Peter's Church in Cheshire. They sold it and used the money to help rebuild the bell tower which hadn't rung in 15 years because of the beams had rotted. Her money helped put the bell back in business and my brothers and I were asked to ring it for the first time. What an honor!

"A Pint-Size View of the World" is the other event that has changed my life. This is my photo project with children all over the world. I have given children disposable cameras and asked them to take pictures of their lives and what they would like other children to know about them. Who their friends were, their school, their food etc. No one else was supposed to interfere that's why I did disposable instead of digital. Moms and Dads couldn't erase something they thought was not a good photo. It was supposed to be a six month project and it is still going ! I would like to find a place to have a gala where I can give half the profits to a domestic children's charity and half to an international children's charity. I have over 700 pictures framed from kids around the world!

Now for the work I did for Sandy in Coney Island.
I went down in a bus with others from our union to help dig out the people who were effected by Hurricane Sandy. It really made me feel good and it opened my eyes at the devastation. I guess working in public health makes me see things in a different way.

The moving wall is a miniature of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC. It was being displayed in West Hartford, CT. I was a volunteer for this extraordinary event. It just overwhelmed me to see Vets come to pay honor to their buddies and family.

And last but never least is my story of the 60th Anniversary of the Sunfish. The original Alcort Sunfish and Sailfish were invented by my uncle, Alexander Bryan. They have been a part of my life and the lake I live on for many, many years. We still have Sunday races all summer long. The company that has taken over the Sunfish wanted to celebrate the 60 years and asked if they could do it on the lake that they were born on. We had a ball! We pulled all the memorabilia out and many stories were told.

I hope you enjoy these photos and contact me for any questions or comments.
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